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Emerald Isle, NC

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Location: Emerald Isle
Size: 1-2 ft//knee
Surface: clean//glassy
Wind: NNE @ 5
High Tide: 7:30:00 PM
Low Tide: 12:59:00 PM
Water Temp: 81 °F
Sunrise: 12:00:00 AM
Sunset: 12:00:00 AM
The thin layer of ESE ground swell is still hanging around along w/a bit less short period SE swell than yesterday. The net result is knee-high glassy waves breaking on the beach at most spots on the early morning high tide. A bit less tide would help open up a few breaks but you'll have to time your tides perfectly to take advantage of these clean micro-waves. The incoming this afternoon (off the low tide) may be an opportunity (or it may be that if you stare at it long enough it becomes a wave).  
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