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Emerald Isle, NC

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Location: Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier
Size: knee/thigh/maybe waist set
Surface: glassy
Wind: N @ 5
High Tide: 6:18:00 PM
Low Tide: 11:49:00 AM
Water Temp: 80 °F
Sunrise: 6:46:00 AM
Sunset: 7:21:00 PM
Morning: A little foggy here this morning. Small, loggable surf being generated by TS Gabrrielle. A small, clean wave showing this a.m.: surf is in the knee range w/occasional waist high sets. It's ridable for the small wave equipment but the size may drop some as the tide drains out. Probably better sooner than later as the wind is forecast to go East. Water temps by Dr Bogus: surf 80, sound 82. 
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