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Emerald Isle, NC

WB Surf Camp Announces The Pro Surfers Who Are Coaching at their 2017 Advanced Overnight Surf Camps

WB Surf Camp Announces The Pro Surfers Who Are Coaching at their 2017 Advanced Overnight Surf Camps

Well known professional surfers Ben Bourgeois, Bo Raynor, Leah Thompson and Aaron Cormican are coaching intermediate and advanced campers at North Carolina surf camp.


Wilmington, N.C., July 18, 2017 – WB Surf Camp recently released the impressive lineup of professional coaches on board for their 2017 Advanced Overnight Surf Camp in Topsail Island, NC. Highly talented and experienced competitors Ben Bourgeois, Bo Raynor, Leah Thompson and Aaron Cormican are helping campers take their skills to the next level with instruction on advanced maneuvers, surf competition strategy, building confidence, and more.


Wrightsville Beach local Ben Bourgeois has surfed at the world’s highest professional level and has too many accolades to list. His first major competition win came in 1995 at the Quiksilver World Grommet Contest in Bali. Bo Raynor, from Wilmington, NC, was the 2015 National Scholastic Surfing Association Explorer Boys National Champion and current USA surfing team member. Leah Thompson, also from Wilmington, was awarded the title of National Scholastic Surfing Association Rookie of the Year in 2016. 4X East Coast Surfing Champion Aaron Cormican, known as “Gorkin”, is the inventor of the “Gorkin Flip”, a backside double grab inverted 360 air, and hails from New Smyrna Beach, FL.


Campers have the opportunity to surf all day with one of these legends, work on specific maneuvers, ask any questions, and even review video footage of their surfing. Home base for this one to four week experience is WB Surf Camp’s premier ocean view beachfront retreat center on Topsail Island. Just steps from one of the best surf breaks on the North Carolina coast, there are also game rooms, fire pits, and many more activities for a little time out of the water. Great food to fuel the adventure is served up in the onsite dining hall.


“This is an incredible opportunity for some of our most talented campers to not just meet, but share a wave with, and really learn from the pros they look up to,” said WB Surf Camp founder Rick Civelli. “It’s inspiring and fun, but these coaches are also a wealth of knowledge and do an awesome job helping these surfers who are coming up behind them hone their skills while learning how to compete.”


WB Surf Camp is now enrolling campers for the summer of 2017. Additional information is available at https://www.wbsurfcamp.com/surf/advanced-surf-camp/


About WB Surf Camp: 

WB Surf Camp helps kids, tweens, teens and adults learn to surf in a fun, supportive, and safe environment. Lessons and Day Camps as well as destination Surf Vacations to surfing hot spots including North Carolina, Costa Rica, Caribbean, and California are available. Learn more at http://www.WBSurfCamp.com




Rick Civelli

WB Surf Camp

7213 Ogden Business Lane

Suite 214

Wilmington, NC 28411


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